Hi guys,

I'm selling my 6LE C5 "bigger brake kit" conversion upgrade kit. This is a complete bolt on kit that lets you run the bigger C5 rotor, but keeps your 4th gen. caliper. 6LE sells these on his site for $575 (with the powder coat option) but I'm selling my kit for $500 minus the pads. Not shown are the stainless brake lines.

This kit bolts on in about 10 minutes (longer per side) than it takes to do a full front brake change!

Here is his link:

1993-2002 F-Body C5 Rotor Conversion Kit FULL FRONT UPGRADE, 6LE Designs LLC

NOTE: To use these with 1993-1997 F-Bodies you will need to use 1998+ F-Body spindles and 1998+ Fbody or C5 calipers.

More horsepower means you need more brake power. However, you don't have to spend a lot of money to get more brake performance out of your 1998-2002 F-Body.

With this kit, you bolt on a set of brackets that move your stock calipers further out allowing you to use the larger C5 Rotors.

The physics is simple, it is like a lever. The further away from the center pivot point you apply pressure, results in more force (stopping power) from the the same original amount of pressure (no caliper upgrade needed). Night and day difference in stopping power for a fraction the price of other brake upgrades.

With this kit you will receive TWO FRONT drilled, slotted and zinc plated C5/C6 (base model) rotors and all the brackets and hardware needed to bolt them on BUT THAT IS NOT ALL...

WITH THIS KIT, you also get Braided Stainless steel brake lines. Hawk Performance Brake pads. A 1 Liter can of ATE Super Blue brake fluid.!!!

OUR BRACKETS OUR SUPERIOR THAN OTHERS because they are 100% MADE IN THE USA at CMJ Racing, guys who design, make and RACE this stuff for a LIVING. ALSO ours REQUIRE NO CUTTING OF YOUR STOCK SPINDLE which EVERY OTHER KIT on the market we've seen requires. Our brackets are 1/2" steel so durability is NOT an issue.

1993-1997 cars will first need to have the LS1 spindle conversion performed. You need 17" rims (OR LARGER) to run these and, as far as we know, the only 17s (and some 18s) that WON'T work are Torque Thrust IIs (and TTII style rims like Boyd's, Bullit, etc...) as they curve in and require some fab on the caliper. It is your responsibilty to research your rims for fitment.

All you need to stop on a dime for just a few dimes more than our conversion kit alone!

Note: Since the picture was taken we have stopped including washers in the kit as during testing we have found out they are unnecessary and cause a point of flex during temperature changes.

- - - Updated - - -

These brackets have ONLY been test fit. They have never been used. The rotors are 100% new and the paint WILL come off after 2-3 drives. I did the "all over" paint job to get a good hat paint job and to get all the vanes as well. The backs were left clean since they will not be seen.

A few additional pics: