I'm selling a 4L80E with converter and the computer to run it. The Transmission is built by PATC (performance automotive and tranmission center) and is built to handle well over 1000hp-ft/lbs. It has a hardened output shaft for nitrous. You can see the tranny on their website (www.transmissioncenter.net). This tranny cost me right close to $3500
The converter is from 'midwest converters' and is currently a 3500stal. The converter is made to handle BIG hp with nitrous and can lock up in any gear. If you would like a different stal, the converter has 1 free rebuild which i haven't used. Therefore, I can send it in and have it rebuilt with your desired stal. It cost me right around $1000 new.
The computer is a compushift unit with readout. You can change shift point, shift pressure, shift speed, lockup speed, lockup gear, see tranny temp,speed, etc. Com-u-shift allows you to change just about anything that can changed in a matter of seconds without hurting the tranny.This unit cost me right at $1200.
I had the tranny in my nova with a smallblock behind it; so, it was never pushed hard. My plans were to put a BIG bigblock in it with serious spray but now I have $ problems so i'm parting everything out. The tranny has probably between 500-1000 miles on it and works like a charm. I'm asking $3000obo for everything. Still have the original box crate it came in. 217-390-1208 ask for bill