I recently lowered my car and decided to switch back to an ORY and catback to regain clearance, so this is just sitting in my garage. More importantly, I'm moving in the very near future, and I don't want to have to haul this with me in the truck! I'll list a description below of the parts, and if you have any questions, just shoot me a PM!

3" I.D. Slip-fit ends to mate up to any 3" LTs (Mine were QTP)
Dual Custom cutouts at the bends leading into the x-pipe
Dr. Gas X-pipe (3" in, 3" out)
Magnaflow 14x9" stainless steel mufflers
Turndowns before rear end
There's also an O2 sensor bung welded in on the driver's side before the cutout, I was running a wideband; If needed, I could get a plug to go with it.

The system is overall in good shape, it has scraped a bit, with one notable dent in the front of a muffler, where it evidently hit something hard (no worries though, it's just cosmetic, no leaks, no cracks, and no internal interference with exhaust flow.

The system sounded mean, I unfortunately don't have any sound clips, but I personally guarantee your approval!

I'm local to Columbus, OH, but could investigate shipping if necessary. I'm looking to get $350 out of it, but may consider offers, as I really want this sold quick! Pics below, let me know if there's anything else you want to know!