I've got a ton of gear sets laying around, all the sets listed are GM and have ~15k or less on them. Add $15 for shipping to price listed

GM 8.5 3.73 ring & pinion............$100

GM 7.5 $ 7.625 3.73 ring & pinion........$85

GM 7.5 & 7.625 3.42 ring & pinion........$65

I've also got a GM Eaton G80 (has about 50k on it) limited slip, not a factory LSx locker but for a regular GM 7.5 or 7.625, can't say if it fits a fbody rear end.......$100

Richmond Lockright locker (a real locker) 7.5 & 7.625 you'll need an open carrier for this to work, would also sell it installed in my current carrier if wanted......$225 without carrier has about ~20k and works awesome. (not pictured in links)

Lastly, i've got a few sets of 7.25" gears, 4.10s, 3.73s and 3.42s if anybody is interested, they fit GM 7.25 front IFS diffs.


pics in link, note middle gear set (3.42s) has gear marking compound on them, not rust.

Email: samsung33@hotmail.com