Set of 4 2002 GM WS6 wheels with curb rash on wheels in spots. Nothing that cant be fixed or lightly sanded out. Come with all 4 center caps, an extra bent (fixable wheel and a very nice spare wheel (both 02 WS6) for a total of 6 wheels, 4 tires.

Fronts 5-6/32 tread, rear 8/32 Eagle F1 275/40/ZR17. No cuts in tires and all hold air.

$800 OBO. Will ship all 4 tires/wheels and both spare wheels actual cost of shipping only from 48195 I will not charge for boxes, handling or anything else.

Wheels/tires 24x24x12 50# each times 4
wheels 23# 18x18x12 times 2

I can take some pics as soon as I can for those interested.