Finally getting rid of some parts that have been in my garage for about 2 years now. Needing the money in college after I blew it on my ta. Well worth it to me though. neways heres the list:

SLP STB: $45 has some dings
Black Aluminum Radiator shroud: $45 has some scratches
Black Plastic Plenum for Procharger: $45 I upgraded to polished aluminum
Hypertech Programmer III: $200 I bought it for $400 and only used it once
Headlights full w/ motor: $200 I have no idea how they r worth so if u have suggstions let me know please

Also soon when I get back home from school this May I will be selling my Ws6 style hood from Suncoast Creations its black for about $600 I bought it for $1000. I just want a change

I will e-mail pics whoever needs them just e-mail me at thanks