I am parting out a 2000 Corvette. I orginally purchased this car for a project and all i need is the drivetrain the rest is up for sale. Since there is soooo many parts that are available it will be hard to list and price everthing. Basically the back half of the car is 100% complete tub and all.
The interior was all there except the pass. side door and seats. The drivers door will be good for parts only as you will see from pics it is smashed. the dash is all there including the HUD. All the carpet is there back hatch is mint. All the HVAC in the dash is complete. The front end is a total loss nothing is going to be usable. Ideally the rear tub and clip would be perfect for a body shop to purchase a package deal can be set up for that and would have to be picked up. For the body items they will need to be picked up everything else i should not have any problems shipping. I do accept paypal. Address is oneslowz28@aol.com

Still if you dont see what you want ask i may have it. I can say once again the rolling chassis i am keeping. The front end has no usable body parts everything is either stripped or broken. So here we go if you dont like the price submit your best offer.

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HUD Complete Kit Instrument Cluster with Switch and Bezel, Projector, and Dash Surround SOLD

Complete Black Carpet Set w/Hard Covers SOLD

Seat belt Retractors only, no receivers SOLD

Radio Bezel- has small un-noticable crack in very top left SOLD

Center Console w/Lid- SOLD

Pass. Air Bag (SRS) switch $20 shipped

Glove box- Has small rip on bottom pictured Does not have latch $25 shipped

Glove Box Light & Switch SOLD

Active Handling Switch/SRS Off Light SOLD

Fog Light/Trunk Pop Switch $30 shipped

Drivers Mirror no options elec. only SOLD

Drivers Door Panel With Reflector and Handle Bezel Black Excellent Shape SOLD

Drivers Door Exterior Handle w/Rods $60 shipped

Drivers Door Interior Handle/Lock $60 shipped

Drivers Door Latch $30 shipped

Body/Door Catches w/Shims and Bolts $25 shipped

Drivers Door Bose Speaker $30 shipped

Pair Rear Bose Speakers $40 shipped

Bose Stereo Amp (Gold Thing Coupe) $50 shipped

Drivers Door Window Regulator w/trac. $140 shipped

Drivers Door Theft Module w/Wiring $100 shipped

Drivers Door Rubber Wire Bridge $12 shipped

BCM Computer $140 shipped

Drivers Foot Rest $13 shipped

Inside Temp Sensor $12 shipped

Column Cover/Padding NOT Knee Bolster $20 shipped

Knee Bolster Excellent Shape Black SOLD

Hood Pull w/ Cables $45 shipped

D/S Hood Latch/Bumper 2pcs $30 shipped

Yaw/Air bag Sensor GM pt# 10277333 Assuming good. Sits in Radio/Heater Frame $80 shipped

Radio/Heater Frame $40 shipped

Aluminum Air Bag Housing/Frame $50 shipped

Rear Hatch/Glass Latches $60 pr shipped

Targa Top to Body Hardware $40 shipped

Wiper Motor and Transmission Assembly w/Wiper Arms SOLD

Dash Board Good cond. 1 Tab Broken R/F Come with Vents and Hazard Light Switch $100 Willing to ship approx. $80-100

L/R 1/4 Panel w/Fuel Door $140 Willing to ship...approx. $100-125

R/R 1/4 Panel $125 Willing to ship...approx. $100-125

Rear Tail Panel Complete w/Tail lights $250 **PICK UP ONLY**

Rear Hatch w/Excellent Glass and Defrost $400 **PICK UP ONLY**

Eventually Windshield Frame Looks newer Glass is cracked from chip
$300 **PICK UP ONLY**

L/F Air Dam for Brakes? I Think See Pic $20 shipped

Horns SOLD

A.I.R. Pump With Hoses $75 shipped

Fuel Door Pop Switch $12 shipped

Rear Tail Light Wiring Harness $65 shipped

Rear Tail Light Set $80 shipped

License Plate Holder w/Bezel $65 shipped

3RD Brake Light SOLD

Complete Inside Wiring Harness W/Fuse Panel only thing that is missing is the pigtails for the power seats. $300

Knee Impact Brace for Steering Column $40 Shipped

Rear Speaker Surrounds Black $50 Shipped

Rocker Trim Pieces Black SOLD

Overhead Panel Piece between Targa and Rear Hatch Black $50 Shipped

Front Trim Pieces Small Black $20 Shipped

Underhood Seal Piece Around Battery Box $20 Shipped

Center Support Dash/Column $40 Shipped

(3) Chrome Center Caps $35 Shipped

Stock Mufflers $50 Please pick up!!

A-Pillar Triangle Pieces Plastic glued to Windshield Frame $15 shipped

Misc. Interior HVAC Defroster/Routing Tubes $25 Shipped

L/F Lower Control Arm $80

L/F Knuckle w/Bearing $110

L/F Caliper w/Bracket $35

Complete Rear Clip: Tub, 1/4's, Bumper, Hatch $1500 + Shipping & Crating **freight only** ($700-$1100) Package deal only!!![/b]More Parts and Pricing Soon to come!!