these two intakes were designed for 1995 - 1999 3100 v6 Monte Carlos and Luminas. i do not know 100% (someone else might) but they MIGHT fit on 2000 - 2005 Monte Carlo and Impala 3400 series engines.

i had the RedZ (short ram) intake on my car for several years and loved it. it took me a long time to find a ColdZ (long tube) intake for sale on here as they are hard to find for sale. i never got the ColdZ installed on my car. before i donated the car to charity i took the RedZ off and put it in the garage with the ColdZ. the time has come to sell the both of them so someone else can get some use out of them.

a few details for those who don't know. both intakes are 3" stainless mandrel bent (and both could stand to be cleaned up before they are installed). i will ship them exactly as they are shown in the pics. i would recommend some new couplers and grommets (available at autozone, advanced, or wherever you prefer to go to). the ColdZ has been painted red although it got scratched off in a few places but it's nothing that sandblasting or some time with some sand paper wouldn't cure.

the ColdZ intake requires relocation of your battery. i have seen many people put it in the trunk and i have seen other people somehow get away with turning the battery sideways and having room to clear. the RedZ intake fits the engine bay with no modifications. Both intakes delete your existing air box/intake arm assembly and require the use of a cone style air filter, again, available at your local parts house.

my asking prices are as follows.

ColdZ intake - $100.00 + shipping (original retail price over $120.00)
RedZ intake - $60.00 + shipping (original retail price $90.00)

again, these are both hard to get a hold of at this point in time as they are no longer made and the ColdZ intake was a short production run and is harder to find (took me 4 years to get one from someone demodding/parting out).

this is what the RedZ intake looks like as installed on my car some year back

sorry to say but i have no pictures of a ColdZ intake installed on a car although if you put "coldz intake" in quotes into yahoo search bar and go to pictures you will find a link to a cardomain page where the guy had a 3100 with a blue ColdZ on his car. that's the best i can do for ya on that one.

if interested please contact me via for the quickest response times. i am also open to reasonable offers.

thanks for looking.