Hi guys,
I bought these tail lights off ebay to put on my car (24K mile convert) and they are not mint enough to put on my car. I am very picky and these would be fine for someone who has cracked or broken tail lights, or looking to do a conversion to 93-96 style. They were advertised as Great condition to me. Here is my version of their condition.
They are in nice driver condition. No scratches or cracks. Very glossy appearance.
The right side would be mint, except it has heat distortion over the brake light area.
The left side is nice except it has discoloration in the black area above the reverse light. I didn't want anyone be surprised with the flaws in the lights like I was.
Anyway, I paid $70 for them and just looking to get close to the money out of them.
I will do $65 shipped for both to the lower 48 states. I will accept paypal for payment.
For pics, email me at jwicmandy@yahoo.com or go to