These are a set of 4 Niche's, not sure which model, I think they are Shok. Two of the tires are Michelens and the other two are Goodyears I think. I believe the back wheels are 10" and the fronts if I can remember right are either just a bit narrower or they too are 10". My car is at my brothers in the shop so next time I'm there I can double check. There is still ALOT of tread left on all tires (about 75-80%). Wheels are in great shape, just a couple of scuff marks here and there. Can get detailed pictures sometime if someone's interested. I believe they're missing the front 2 center caps. these wheels were sold from manufacturers for $500/each JUST for the 17's. they have been discontinued & are rare to find the fbody/corvette bolt pattern.

Price.... $800 shipped. or local pick-u