--Built and rebuilt by B&B Performance (first built to 396ci ‘00/’01 in Redding, CA --*$12,517.25*, then rebuilt to 397.5ci in ’05 in Randleman, NC *$7,148.20*)
--LT1 2 bolt main block (now splayed 4 bolt)
--397cubic inch
4.041” bore
3.875” stroke
9.00” block height
.005” deck height
6” rod length
13.3:1 comp ratio
Bore and Hone with plates $195
Square deck block $100
Bore and Hone steel caps $250
Original balance $375
Rebalance crank for new pistons with Mallory $260
Clearance block for stroker $75
--Cola 4340 crankshaft $800
--Manley Billet 6.00 rods $986
--4 bolt splayed with ARP studs $250 + $75
--Oliver splayed billet main caps $168
--Oliver billet REAR main cap $215
--Oliver billet front main cap $55
--J&E Custom pistons with gas ports, 13.5CR (also side skirt coated and thermal coated) $880 + $264
--Hellfire .043” ring set $247
--Clevite bearings for rods, mains and cam
--Cloyes hex-a-just true roller timing set $158
--Canton oil pan (winged, baffled, no Oil Level Sending Unit Bung) PN-15-250T $295
--Canton pickup $40
--Billet Fabrication valve covers $330
--Moroso blueprinted oil pump $100
--Fluidamper harmonic balancer $370
--ARP crank bolt $20
--Manley Lifter Valley Tubes $20
--Manley Late Oil Restrictors
--Gaskets $88
--Assembly $995

--AFR 190cc LT1 heads ported/polished and measure 219cc now $1,000 bare + $1,200 port + $700 Misc
--Manley 1.625 stainless exhaust valves $115
--Manley 2.10 stainless intake valves $125
--CC Solid Roller Valve Springs (Pacaloy) $298 (Seat Pressure, closed 260, open 650)
--CC solid roller lifters with pin oiling $425
--Jessel SS AFR Shaft Mount Rockers, 1.6/1.6 $695
--CC Titanium retainers $140
--CC 11/32 Super Locks $25
--CC Solid Roller Billet Camshaft $315 (260/266 @.050”, .688”/.688”, 112ls, 108 cam timing)
--Port/Weld stock LT1 intake to match heads and Monoblade $225
--ARP head stud $120
--Comp valve job $195

Head Flow:

Lift Intake Exhaust
.100 70.5 52.1
.200 135.8 103.9
.300 196.2 149.4
.400 242.5 181.5
.500 280.0 202.8
.600 296.7 216.4
.700 315.2 224.8
.800 316.7 225.2

--Kooks LT1 1 3/4”- 1 7/8” step headers with 3.5” collectors (stainless steel) (brand new, never used, bolted to engine on engine stand) $1015 retail, asking $850
--Aerospace V-style flanges and clamps 3.5” (4 units) for exhaust fabrication stainless steel) (brand new, still in box) $250 retail, asking $200
--Mufflex 4” catback with Borla XR-1 muffler and single exit (hidden) turndown (used) $600 Retail, asking $400
--Flowmaster 4” Big Block muffler (new, never used) Included with above exhaust

Engine Accessories:
--Taylor custom length plug wires (black, not yet cut) ~$50
--Made For You Loom (black/aluminum) ~$75
--SJM Low mount Alternator bracket/system (brand new, mounted to engine) $200 retail
--42# Lucas injectors (10,000 miles) $375
--AS&M Monoblade TB with “custom” black plastic top plate (for stealth…) $550

Initial build the engine produced 470 rwhp on 91 octane pump gas with zero knock on a conservative tune. 487 rwhp on a “race” tune, still on pump gas. With the nitrous system (dual 50hp shot, 100hp total) it made 634 rwhp at 5,250 rpm (going lean, so we let out) and 750 ft lbs at 3,600 rpm. I ended up burning a piston and thus the rebuild. The prior motor was 11.9:1 comp ratio with a solid roller cam of 248/250 (@ .050”) and .662”/.665” lift, 112ls, 108 cam timing. I got a solid 10,000 miles out of the motor, racing and driving many freeway miles. I would drive 105 miles to the track, swap tires, run some 10’s and drive 105 miles home. Best the car went NA was 11.22 @ 122mph and best N2O was 10.78 @ 129mph with a NOS 5176 kit. 1.51 60 ft was the best with the 6-spd and a near full weight car. Full interior (dynomat), CD player/stereo, AC, CC, power everything, etc.

The engine builder figured this new motor (fresh rebuild) would be good for 75-90 hp more than the first engine. His claims have always been conservative. I was hoping for 515-550 rwhp out of this engine with the T-56.

Asking $11,500 for the complete long block with tins (valve covers, oil pan, intake, fluidamper, vented Opti, etc)

Asking $2,350 for the other parts.

Together, total package price: $12,750

Basically all you need to run 9's in a lightened F-body (possibly full weight) with a properly setup suspension.

Will deliver within 200 miles. Have a hard grey plastic shipping crate to transport or ship the engine in. Such as:

Located in Lincoln, CA (near Sacramento)
Contact Brian at
(707) 480-7275

Please contact www.norcal-ls1.com and any member or officer for verification of my credibility and integrity.