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VB Upgrade 3.8 RC1

This is a discussion on VB Upgrade 3.8 RC1 within the Board Announcements forums, part of the Site Feedback / Administrative Requests category; Just upgraded to Version 3.8 RC1 Let me know if there is any issues. Private Message Changes Read receipts are ...

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    VB Upgrade 3.8 RC1

    Just upgraded to Version 3.8 RC1

    Let me know if there is any issues.

    Private Message Changes

    Read receipts are automatically accepted when a PM is replied to.
    A new Quick Reply can be used to reply to PM's.
    A new user option is available to set the default value for 'Save Copy' which is also used with Quick Reply.
    PM's can be ordered by Title, Date and Sender.
    When ordered, PM's are grouped by:
    Title - Alphabetical ranges (A-H, I-P, Q-Z, 0-9 and other) - Non ASCII chars are grouped based on transliteration where possible
    Date - Today, Yesterday, individual day names, Last Week, 2 Weeks, Last Month, Older, etc.
    Sender - Grouped by Sender
    Private Messages can be filtered by Sender, Title, a given date period, and whether the message has been read or not.
    Message Throttling. Admins can define a time period and the maximum amount of message each usergroup can send within that period.
    Message selections are remembered over multiple pages for bulk actions (Move, delete, mark as read etc).

    Profile Privacy
    With the appropriate permission, users can now configure which parts of their profile is visible, and to who. The configurable components are:
    Profile Picture
    Visitor Messages
    Contact Info
    About Me
    Recent Visitors
    Group Memberships
    Custom Field Blocks where the admin has allowed it
    The components can be configured to be visible to:
    Registered Members
    Generally information is only hidden/displayed within the user profile page with the exception of Albums which also affects the ability to view the albums.


    Pictures can now be moved from one album to another.
    Album covers are regenerated when moving images if the cover is moved, or the destination album has no cover.
    The default albums view now displays recently updated public albums.


    Lightboxes can now be used to view all images in a post.
    Next and Previous buttons can be used to navigate the attachments, and wrap when the first/last image has been reached

    Other Changes and Additions

    A new Terms and Conditions link is configurable and displayed in the footer by default.
    A new Community link replaces the Members List link with a submenu for Social Groups; Pictures & Albums; Contacts & Friends; and the Members List.
    Deleted and Moderated items in the User CP menu have been collapsed into submenus to reduce clutter.
    A New Items submenu is also available with the newest Visitor Messages; Group Messages; Group Discussions; Picture Comments and Album Pictures.
    Some cleanup has been done on the User CP menu to ensure only links that the user has permission to are displayed.
    A new permission to view thumbnails in posts has been added. This allows users to see thumbnails even when they do not have access to view the full image.
    Thread Prefix Permissions - Thread prefixes can now be configured so that only certain usergroups may use them.
    Support for TypePad Anti-Spam
    Username availability now checked via AJAX during registration
    Forum rules can be viewed outside of the registration process, which is useful for logged in users when multiple registrations are disabled.
    PM Reporting.
    Subscription folders can be emptied with one click.
    Quick Edit is available for Visitor Messages and Picture Comments, as well as Social Group Messages.
    Improvements to Contact List editing. Show Avatars option is now preserved.

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    wow, a lot of changes.

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    i noticed the book mark thingy also...

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    This is a cool beta. Nice new features.

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    @ Ed ~ can you grant myself permission for this:

    Custom Field Blocks where the admin has allowed it
    So I can test said feature (would try to use the custom glow text code for starters)???

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