NOTICE TO MEMBERS AND NON-MEMBERS: is seeking interested persons to act as Site Moderators for the 5th & 6th Gen Camaro Sections of the Board. Applicants should forward an email to admin at ls1 dot com setting forth their background and qualifications for the position. Ownership and/or familiarity with the 5th or 6th Gen platform is required and persons should have a working knowledge of vehicle systems, technical information and common modifications. Current site members must be in good standing on the Board. New applicants should submit their application via email and sign up to become a Site Member (membership is free). Appointed Moderators will initially serve a thirty (30) day trial period. During this time, appointed Moderators are expected to be active on the site and post at least two (2) technical threads on 5th Gen topics that would be of interest to other 5th Gen Owners and Site Members. Thank you for your interest and support of!