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Twin 1987 Buick GN

This is a discussion on Twin 1987 Buick GN within the Almost Anything Goes forums, part of the Off - Topic / Discussion forums category; Why can't I ever find cool shit like this.... This car is one of my top 5 want list..... A ...

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    Twin 1987 Buick GN

    Why can't I ever find cool shit like this....

    This car is one of my top 5 want list.....

    A Pair of ’87 Grand Nationals are Discovered and Retrieved out of an Overlooked Garage

    Being hardcore Turbo Buick enthusiasts, we follow all of enthusiast Facebook groups that specifically cater to those who own these particular vehicles. We do it, partly because we have one in our fleet, partly to keep tabs on who’s building the quickest examples, and partly because we love when we run across stories like this one!

    Over the last 24 hours, we’ve been hearing murmurs about a pair of brand new ’87 Buick Grand Nationals that were unearthed inside an old garage, of all places. Discovered by one William Avila, and his pals, it was certainly the find of the century to anyone who loves Grand Nationals. The story was was vast an in-depth detail, that William himself took to the Facebook Buick groups to share his entire story for everyone to read. We found it interesting enough to reiterate it here, for the rest of you. Enjoy!
    “Recently someone tagged me in a post about two 1986 Buick Grand Nationals in a small western Oklahoma town. I thought nothing of it, because the guy was asking nearly $200,000 for the two cars. I [eventually] decided to call and found out that he was willing to let me come take a look, after jumping through all his hoops and whatnot. So myself and my best buddy, Shawn Mathews, decided to make the drive and see how flexible he was [on the price].
    After a 3.5-hour drive we had finally reached our destination and met up with the seller. He took us to a old house and raised the garage door and to our amazement low and behold there were not one, but two 1987 (not 1986) Buick Grand Nationals sitting there. Dust covered, leaves surrounding them and the look of two rearends and faded rear bumper fillers stared back at us. We looked at each other in amazement. Now sharing this experience with anyone other than Shawn would quite possibly have been a let down. At that very moment I think Shawn realized why I do what I do for these cars.
    GM EFI Magazine
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    I'll never sell mine
    Quote Originally Posted by 0rion
    I tried reading that article but it had too many words.

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    There is one with less than 400 miles on the clock that sets in a building 2 miles from our house.

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    Twin 1987 Buick GN

    I know the car. last I knew he had a white with red interior camaro convertible as well.
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    Only 200k? Pffft. Get a handful of them! Lol

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    It's on jackstands.

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    There are tons of old rickety, beat up barns out near the panhandle of Oklahoma. When I drive out to my parents house out there, you seen them all over the place. Always makes you wonder what kinds of cool stuff the old farmers bought and just never had time for.

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