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    whats the best way to lower the rear of my TA?

    I want to lower the rear of my trans am about 1",whats the best way to do it ? and what may be the worries doing it?

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    Look for 1-2" drop springs. You'll also want to invest in an adjustable torque arm to line up the pinon angle.

    I have UMI's adjustable TA, PHB & LCA's with Hotchkis 1.5" drop springs. It dropped my car about 2" total. Also Tire height effects the overall height of the vehicle, more so than the springs.

    Make sure you really want this. You'll be stiffening the suspension so you'll have a harder ride. Meaning you'll be feeling the road more.

    Do not, pls, do not cut a portion of the stock springs. There is another way but again I don't favor it for it seems half ass to me. It is called the hose mod. You take a heater hose that is just big enough to slide over the spring for the 1st 3-4", next you remove the rubber isolater at the top of the rear springs and reinstall the spring.

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