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2011 Silverado 5.3 buy from insurance questions

This is a discussion on 2011 Silverado 5.3 buy from insurance questions within the LSx Retrofit and Swap forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; My buddy has a well taken care of 2011 Silverado 4x4 crew cab with a 5.3. He was hit by ...

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    2011 Silverado 5.3 buy from insurance questions

    My buddy has a well taken care of 2011 Silverado 4x4 crew cab with a 5.3. He was hit by lightning on the way home last week. Local dealer checked it out and insurance is writing it off.

    Of course you can see where this could lead. I've got a 71 cutlass convertible I'm in the early stages of restoring and want an ls to mildly modify. He said he would buy it back and sell it to me. I don't know what insurance will sell it to him for yet.

    Is this an iron or aluminum block? Any idea what I could get parting something like this out? I'd really prefer a manual but is the trans in this good for higher power levels? Any tips on using this engine appreciated.

    Thanks guys!

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    Belated welcome!

    The 5.3 is a potent engine -- I have an '07 Suburban that we tow our enclosed race trailer with up and down the hills of northcentral PA. Like any LS engine, it will respond well to mods, such as headers, cam and tuning. Some 5.3's are DOD (displacement on demand) motors. Ask you friend if his has cylinder deactivation. The system can be removed and replaced with non-DOD components, however, this entails ripping into the engine. You will want to ensure that you receive the entire engine and transmission harness together with the PCM... but with the lightening hit, does it run? Not sure what the '11 models received for a transmission - ours has a 4L60E which is not considered a "strong" transmission and it has quite a jump from 2nd to 3rd. This being said, you can't beat having an OD trans in an older car. One other thing to mention is that LS engines want 58 psi for fuel pressure. This entails mods to the fuel system. I think Aeromotive just came out with a drop in pump that fits stock tanks (after cutting a hole) in older cars.

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    After he got hit he could only limp home at about 10mph. When he got home and shut it off it kept running. He had to pull the fuel pump relay. It was towed to the dealer and all I know is that he said they hooked it up and got no reading at all. I am counting o. The ecu being toast but unsure about wiring.

    As for the fuel system, I may use a tank out of a caprice or similar. I'd rather have a manual but I might be ok with an auto. It's not going to be raced just a great fun weekend car.

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    the obvious flag to me is that no insurance company writes off a 2011 over a bad pcm.........

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    That's true. As long as the motor and trans are good I should be able to part out enough to make it worthwhile.

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    I'm betting besides the ecm the wire harness is toast.

    Engine wise it should be sound enough to get it going. With the transmission I'd have it checked out because it's also electronic controlled and that might have taken a hit as well.

    As far as a insurance write off it depends on the company. Some will fix and resale while others don't care to do anything but sell off as salvage.

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    Were in illinois which is nice because they have to sell it to him if he wants it back.

    I had thought about trying to fix it, sell it and use the money for the cutlass resto but that's more than I want to tackle I think.

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