new to the site, but i had to say that i love the review section. I had some dirrerent opinions about products and was never secure with what i wanted until now. thanks.... anyways

I've always thought that there were some good spray on tire wet but nothing was as good as the wipe on... until one morning. I get off work at 4am so i was watching an info commercial and saw something called WET JET. its a spray on tire wet... well i bought some one day when i seen it at autozone. I thought it must be good if its been a year since the commercial and now its in the store. Well that was 3 years ago and i still use it. You spray it on... leaves it ten times wetter looking and stays on forever. I wash my car once a week and i use the wet jet every 3 weeks... water will beed off of it week after week. And this is for my daily driver.

one bottle at autozone is like 7 bux... i think advance doesn't have it anymore. and one bottle will usually last me a year! trust me, you won't be dissapointed.