My car: 2001 camaro z28 M6

Over the weekend I installed a Pro 5.0 shifter with an angled short stick and BMR LCA with poly bushings.
These two parts have proven to me that are a MUST HAVE in the early stages of modding your car.

I bought both at my local performance shop, Speed inc.

First lets discuss the BMR rear lower control arms.
Purpose of parts: to reduce rear wheel hop when launching.

I purchased the tubular non adjustable version with poly bushings and grease fittings. First off BMR has an informative site discussing the difference
between poly vs. rubber and tubular vs. boxed. Its worth checking out. Also BMR included instrustions for install.

Install took about 30mins was easy minus the fact that GM does not allow room for an air gun and barely any room for a ratchet/socket too loosen and tighten the bolts.
The bolts removed easily except for the ones that hold the LCA to the rear axle. Those bolts pull towards the rear brake rotor leaving no room for bolt
removal, without a slight struggle. Upon install I inserted the bolts from the opposit direction.

In comparison with the factory LCAs with rubber bushing to BMR LCA with poly.
Weight was about the same. Build quality and strength, you could easily see the BMRs are made for perfomance.

Performance tested on the street:
I always had alot of wheel-hop and squeaks from my factory LCA. Well the new BMR LCA eliminated the squeaks and definitely eliminated wheel hop. Yes most
wheel hop is due to crappy tires, but LCAs will compensate and eliminate wheel hop due to a stronger transfer of weight with less flex.

With many hard launches and shifting through 2nd and 3rd, driving to a speed of about 120mph. I never felt wheel hop, and my shifts into 2nd and 3rd have
less tire spin and less chirping. Also the rearend of the car definitely feels tighter and stronger. This mod, definitely made my car quicker in the 1/4
mile, by finally being able to grip.

BMR LCAs are definite must have!!!

Now for the Pro 5.0 shifter (obviously for the manual cars)
Purpose of part: faster and more precision shifts.

I purchased the Pro 5.0 shifter with a straight short handle and Speed inc. let me borrow an angled short handle to try both and see which I like better.
Contingent that I return the one I dont use.

Install took about an hour and was easy. The most difficult part was just removing all the screws and center console. Also I'm very picking with making
sure all parts and mating surfaces are clean. So I spent some extra time cleaning parts, even parts you dont see.

In comparison to the factory shifter, the pro 5.0 is built stronger and weights more. All the machining and milling invovled in making the part is
excellent and very clean.

After install without the car running I swapped handles a few times, trying to get a feel for the difference bewteen the angle short and straight short.
I spend about 15mins, shifting through the gears discovering that the angled handle felt amazing, excellent for pushing toward higher gears and pulling
to downshift.

Performance tested on the street:
The Pro 5.0 rips through the gears like a mad truck driver on crack. The throws are very short and very precise with a "knotchy mechanical" feel. You could
definitely feel more control in your shifts and less lag between gears when the driving fast. Nothing about the shifting felt loose or sloppy like the
factory installed shifter.

The Pro 5.0 I would say also made my car quicker in the 1/4 mile just because of the faster more precise shifts.

for under $400 the pro 5.0 and BMR LCA are mods that should be installed early in anyone peformance build without question!!!