Went to Barnes and Noble last night, and was browsing the transportation section, when I came across two books that are definitely worth reading.

1. Supercahrging, turbocharging, and nitrous oxide (PowerPro Series):
This book startes with the basics, and walks you through the different types of setups, how they work, equations necessary when sizing your application, how A/F and compression factors into power output, compressor mapping... the works. I bought it and recommend it to anyone who is a novice like me and wants to learn as much as possible from a reliable source without asking random people online.

2. GM's LS1/LS6 Gen IV guide(damn... I can't remember the exact title): I didn't have another $20 on me, but this book walked through every aspect of the LS1/LS6. It also had some sections like "100 HP anyone can bolt on", and "500 HP...." It would outline specific part numbers, and prices for the build up, and had step by step instructions on how to perform them. It seemed like a good book to have around if you are serious about the LSX engines. I told my wife I wanted it for my B-day next month.