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bmr sub frame connectors.

This is a discussion on bmr sub frame connectors. within the Parts Review forums, part of the Sponsors Group Pricing and Parts Review category; the tightened up my car nicely. a mod well worth the money...

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    2000 nhra edition formula

    bmr sub frame connectors.

    the tightened up my car nicely.
    a mod well worth the money
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    2000 nhra edition formula
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    I had BMR SFC & LCA installed on the same day to help eliminate wheelhop and to tighten up the ride. Man what a diff. these mods made! The LCA eliminated ALL wheelhop and I couldn't believe how much tighter the car felt with the SFC. Along with a lid I believe SFC should be considered as the first mod for any F-body

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    Quote Originally Posted by nhraformula
    the tightened up my car nicely.
    a mod well worth the money
    The raceweight of my car was 3650 last year. I installed BMR SFCs, BMR stb, BMR LCAs and control arm relocation brackets, a Spohn tourque arm and driveshaft loop and a Moser 12 bolt. I also weigh 25 lbs more than I did last year.

    The car's new raceweight is 3830. OUCH!! On the plus side, the car feels nice and solid now, like I can really abuse it and not break anything.

    Time for me and the car to go on a bit of a diet.

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    i believe the sfc are well worth the money also. the right color makes the car look sharp also.

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    Re: bmr sub frame connectors.

    i am very happy with my sfc's . i have the kbdd. they totally stiffened up my vert. i would recomend these for verts as we are a little less stiff.

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