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Fresh start!

This is a discussion on Fresh start! within the LS2/LS3/LS4/LSx forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; (My 1st post!) I hope I'm in the right spot. - Hey Guys! Just picked up a TBSS and loving ...

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    Fresh start!

    (My 1st post!) I hope I'm in the right spot. - Hey Guys! Just picked up a TBSS and loving it! But I was thinking of doing a little tinkering with it. Money is always an issue so it's always a slow process! But I was looking at doing at least an intake, underdrive crank pulley and cat back to start out with. But what I was wondering if I do that is getting a tune worth it? Or not yet? I know I won't get much if anything at all for HP with those minor mods.. My main question is if I do get it tuned if I should go with a TUNER or PLUG-N-PLAY? My buddy say's a tuner, he doesn't think getting a hand held plug and tune is as good. I would like to know if anybody has a hand held and if it has worked or if they work good!? And if so what's brand is good?.. And those were the mods I was thinking of starting out with. If I should take a different route for mods to start out with let me know and I will look into it. Thanks!

    I just picked up the truck and I am not familiar with these yet.. I come from 9 years of STi's.

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    Your best bet would be to get it tunes at a shop if you can you'll get a better tune for your ss and will probably be the same price if not cheaper. You should also do some bolt ons like headers exhaust to go with it. A stall converter will really wake it up too. Also depends on your buget.

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    Getting a good stall convertor like Jay said will wake up the TBSS. You'll need a tune for a convertor change but it's worth it.

    Match that with some headers. Intake the LS2 is a decent intake for most builds. Only way I would suggest something else is if you were to get some aftermarket heads and a good size cam. A FAST 90 would be a little better for the LS2 but not to much over. You can put that money towards something else and get better bang for your buck.

    I'm not to familiar with TBSS suspension. Sorry.

    For mild bolt ons and stock I would highly recommend sending your ecm to Frost. His tunes are the best mail order tunes. I use to have one till I got heavy on mod'ing. He has a quick turn around.

    You don't need a full dyno session with bolt on's, hand helds programers and chips are sketchy. A mail order tune by Frost or a tune by someone that is good with hptuners is better than those hand helds or chips.

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