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What Turbo kits are avialable for the F- Body?

This is a discussion on What Turbo kits are avialable for the F- Body? within the Forced Induction forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Originally Posted by random-strike you're an idiot. there is no way it'll cost that much i turbocharged my foxbody for ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by random-strike View Post
    you're an idiot.

    there is no way it'll cost that much

    i turbocharged my foxbody for about $1000.

    i went from 14.6 1/4 to 7.5 1/8 on street tires
    How can you compare your 1/4 mile time to a 1/8? That doesn't even suport your argument, but then again I don't have a car ... anyway I appreciate all the responses to the thread and wanted to know the numbers of the your turbocharged rides(i.e. 1/4, cost, psi, etc.). Thanks.
    If it doesn't have a turbo or a V8, it doesn't belong on the road.

    Hey guys look it came back from the shop! I still need a bigger wing though...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joshua.Grooms View Post
    Just to throw this out there to cool the flames of passion here,

    Seems to have some good looking kits there that come in several stages.
    Im wondering if any one knows about it.
    I came across them by accident in Google search.
    Attachment 8665

    Attachment 8666
    I like the front mounted intercooler, but i like my front the way it is.
    These are still STS rear mounted systems.
    The stages run from $4,200 to $13,000. You get more than just the STS kit though so make sure you know what you want.
    Im getting the base kit.
    I agree on the intercooler. I won't put one on my Formula because it creates a huge mouth on the front end, which I find unattractive.
    I would suggest going ahead and getting the turbo upgrade and the electronic boost switch. I have been very pleased with mine.

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    Nice Post joshua.grooms,
    couldn't have said it better myself...

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