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What brand Turbo Kit

This is a discussion on What brand Turbo Kit within the Forced Induction forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Basically i was interested in getting a single front mount turbo setup on my ss camaro. I was wondering what ...

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    What brand Turbo Kit

    Basically i was interested in getting a single front mount turbo setup on my ss camaro. I was wondering what company would be the best to go with. I usually get my work done at Speed Inc but 7 grand is too much $ for their setup

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    $7k sounds about the right price, if not slightly low. Turbos/superchargers aren't cheap. If they are, I wouldn't trust them. The most common FI setup on the F-body is the Procharger. Many run them and are very happy with the results. I don't think you'll find a reliable setup much cheaper though.

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    To add.... Beware of "kits" FI "kits" rarely contain everything you'll need for such a project..

    Most times custom fab work is a large part of what makes a "kit" work and there's always unseen variables..

    $7k is likely going to be on the low end of what will likely need spent on an FI setup..

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    Being I have dealt with Speed Inc in the past and run a supercharger on my car I can add that you most likely are not getting a complete kit from them for 7K. If so, I'd like to know what all it includes.

    For turbo set-ups, I would look into a Turbonetics 76mm. Kentucky turbo also sells a kit that uses a turbonetics head unit.

    I went the centrifugal route and installed a Procharger. My total bill surpassed 7K by quite a bit, but I also added some things that are highly recommended with any FI set-up.

    RKWS6 just installed his Turbonetics 76mm set-up and made 620 to the wheels.

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    I have a brand new(never installed) STS set up with the front mount intercooler and larger turbo for sale if your interested.

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    well i know this is a little late, but anyways, i have a turbonetic 63mm turbo, i took some 6.0L manifold went and had some flanges cnc, then took and turned the manifolds backwards mounted my turbo in front, did new fuel rail, fuel pump, 60lbs injectors, 3 bar map sencor, and had it tuned, it puts 600 rwh,... cost around $1800 when all said and done ,looks good .

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    Whats your Hp goal and your budget? Procharger offers kits and said to say they are about the best for cost per hp. I would start layout out all the kits you find and figuring out the $/hp and then ask your self are you going to later want to add more hp and can my stock motor take it or will I have to upgrade it and the kit?

    On most stock motors I've seen the supperchargers kits run just a little less than the turbo kits since there is more fab work with them

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    I think the best kit to buy is, custom.

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