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Twin Twin System

This is a discussion on Twin Twin System within the Forced Induction forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; I just got back from this car show, and I saw something I've never even heard of before. There was ...

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    Twin Twin System

    I just got back from this car show, and I saw something I've never even heard of before. There was a guy there with an older viper (1990 something) and he had what he called a twin twin system on it. It was twin centrifical superchargers feeding into twin turbo charger. (I think it was this way, it might have been the other way around) It really didn't make all that much horsepower, it was only like 900ish. He said it was capable to make well over 1000, but he only had a total of about 15psi in the manifold. Has anybody else ever heard of anything like this before? Would it be any better than just a regular twin turbo or supercharger setup? All I know, it was the craziest thing I'ver ever seen. I'm going to go to the next car show next week and if hes there I'll get pictures. That must have been rediculously expensive.

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    well twincharging has been around for a while. They do it alot on the cobalts and the mini coopers. There are also Twin supercharged vehicles, usually centrifugal ones. The way the guy has his car setup is cool but it is only asthetic, he can do the same thing with just a twin setup. And yes you are right that the super feeds the turbo, super builds boost for it in the low rpm, no lag. But in his case it is not really practical, you can make that power with just a tt setup, the only difference is that there may be a difference in the power curve since the turbos spool up way sooner, still they will push the same amount of cfm in.

    Just like the guy with the "Turbon8or" It's a 56 or 7 belair with 8 turbos. He only makes like 5 something to the wheel. It is only for razzle dazzle, thats how you get attention at car shows.

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    sounds like a waste of money for show and no go. look at all the cobras out there making 500-800 on a single super or the supras with one turbo. don't get me wrong i think its cool but its only for show.

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