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Turbo/Super, possiblities

This is a discussion on Turbo/Super, possiblities within the Forced Induction forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; So is there a way I can get my soon to be LS1 Camaro blown for 2500 or there abouts? ...

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    Turbo/Super, possiblities

    So is there a way I can get my soon to be LS1 Camaro blown for 2500 or there abouts? 5k is not 'thereabouts' lol. I'm talking maybe 3,000 tops.

    This is for a daily driver so it's not going to be crazy, just some extra oomph.

    I'd be willing to 'build' my own turbo set up if someone wants to give me a run down on parts, a website yadda yadda.

    The problem with it really is getting everything on, from what I've seen, the engine bay is pretty crampt.

    Also, how do people get headers on the LS1's? I assum you guys are using a lift or soemthing. Looks impossible to do from topside.

    I know my share of engine work, mainly older carbed, but I'm still young so i can learn. I've built a 396 for my dad's chevelle, but on forced induction I'm rather clueless.

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    For $2500 you may want to think about other means to get power. Unless you can find someone selling a used kit for that price. I found mine with injectors, boost gauge, and fuel pump for 3K... So it can be done. However I have had to put about $900 into my kit after the cost of the kit to get the gains I was looking for. That was for other fuel pressure and a/f ratio gauges, better crank pulley, better S/C pullies, and a few other little odds and ends. There are a few hidden costs too when it comes to F/I.

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    such as oil for the charger, and more gas

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    Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but no. $2,500 wouldn't do it. $5,000.00 wouldn't get it done reliably. Some people will probably hop on here and say it is possible, but no, it's not. As stated above, if all you had to get was a turbo or supercharger, then yes. But all the supporting mods and other stuff will nickel and dime you to death. Good luck.

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    Top mount Kits are $5,000 from O.F.I or Gen TT.

    I don't want to spend that much so I'm looking into doing my own.

    I have also been toying with the DIY turbo idea. What I have so far is:

    2x TD05H turbos with 16G comp wheels ($760 Shipped for both) 380Hp each
    1x 24" x 12" x 4" Intercooler with 3" inlet and outlet ($200 Shipped)
    2x Set of oil feed lines to turbo ($100)
    2x Set of oil return lines from turbo ($90)
    2x Manifold to turbo Custom Pipes ($200)
    2x Custom Downpipes ($300)
    2x Airfilters ($80)
    8x Injector ($500)
    1x Fuel Pump ($150)
    1x HPTuners ($499)
    1x HKS Blow off valve ($105 shipped)

    I am looking at for the hoses from turbo -> IC -> Inlet.
    Could be as much as $300.

    Subtotal: $3330.00

    I am looking at placing the turbos where the battery and airbox used to be (similar to LPE kit)

    Those turbos are cheap. What is a TD05h?
    Intercooler cheap.
    Pipes cheap.
    Oil lines NOT. Wow. I can get 3,000 PSI hoses made for my International tracked loader at NAPA for $100.

    Are the prices for the pipes confirmed?

    Air filters $80. That sucks I guess there isn't another option?????

    I want to START out with a kit like yours minus the injectors, fuel pump, HP Tuners, BOV. Save $1105 Just for now. & add E85 injection as a first upgrade step $200 I think.

    That should put the basic hardware at about $2200 for a twin kit.
    Going the single route would save a lot more. Why aren't you looking at that? Price of the single turbo too high?

    If you put the turbos on top will there be room to run an up and down pipe beside the factory exhaust manifold?

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