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Turbo build help

This is a discussion on Turbo build help within the Forced Induction forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; For a while I've been looking at a supercharged set up, then I recently decided I wanted a turbo more, ...

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    Turbo build help

    For a while I've been looking at a supercharged set up, then I recently decided I wanted a turbo more, I have the mods from the supercharged list below, wondering if I could use the same mods with a turbo application. My goals for this car are to daily drive it, and be able to beat 600 bikes, also, would a front mount or rear mount be a better choice(I'd like to keep a/c :O) I plan on using my old LS1 that I spun a crank bearing on for the turbo engine. If someone could Reccomend some more internal parts that would be awesome. I will continue to read posts about turbo builds, I just wanted to out this on here to get some opinions. This won't be all done soon, I'm still in college so it'll be pieced together.

    The car is a 2000 Camaro Z28. I have some minor mods on it at the moment, headers, high flow cats, magnaflow cat back, smoothe bore bellows, ported tb, cold air intake, 160 tstat.

    QA1 stocker star rear shock, adjusty(2)
    -QA1 coil over front shock, double adjusty(2)
    -Pre 2004 Block ARP Head Studs
    -Ls6 intake
    -Rear diff package(panhard bar, torque arm, LCA's, everything I need for rear) moser M9 housing, 3.73 gears, regular studs, 33 spline axles, 4chann abs, nodule iron center, wavetrac diff, pst 3.5" alum driveshaft with forged yoke.
    -Auto Meter triple pod
    -Autometer electric Air/Fuel ratio PRO
    -Autometer electric fuel pressure 0-100 PSI
    -Autometer 7107 Mechanical vacuum/boost 30 In/20 psi
    -Siemens 60lb injectirs(8)
    - Driveshsft safety loop
    -MSD super conductor gen III
    -Comp 26918-16 Beehive valve springs
    -Aster tensioner(with new water pump)
    -Subframe connectors
    -Aeromotive 11142 stealth in-tank pump(340 LPH)(x2?)<-- not sure about that fuel pump

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    If you go turbo, those headers you have will probably have to go out the door.

    Some guys use exhaust manifolds from a 6.0 liter Chevy engine for turbo applications. There are tons of avenues to go.

    If you go with a rear mount turbo, make sure you have a high quality oil pump for it. Rear mount turbos can also raise hell with your subframe connectors.

    These items are just a few of many. I don't have any personal experience with turbos - but one thing I do that by the time you're all said and done, a turbo system typically is more expensive. Either way, good luck! Keep us informed!

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    front mount is so so so much better!!! rear mount you need a high quality oil pump(like stated above^^^) they are known to suck and burn up turbos!!! unless you get turbo manifolds you will have to remove your A/C and relocate your Alt... 4.8-6.0l exhaust manifolds are big in turbo builds. fuel system upgrade is very important. without fuel then your turbo will do nothing besides kill your engine! running lean! twin 255s or a 340 pump will be good... and the 60lb injectors may be on there limits might want to look into 80lb ones.... depending on the amount of boost you want to throw at it lowering the compression of the motor might be a good idea and can easily be completed with some 315 6.0l heads!

    i know im missing so much more but just ask some more questions and myself and others will chime in to try to help you!!!

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