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supercharged reliability

This is a discussion on supercharged reliability within the Forced Induction forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Originally Posted by mrr23 moving there now. Joo are too slow. He already reposted it....

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrr23 View Post
    moving there now.
    Joo are too slow. He already reposted it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by explorer View Post
    Hi,my name is ty and I'm from colorado.I have a 2002 trans am ws6,any thoughts out there about adding a procharger D-1sc to the car.I'm questioning how it effects the reliability and longjevity of the car.It is a dayly driver, about 50 miles a day in stop and go traffic.Also how is fuel mileage effected.Would like to have the charger for the occasional "IT'S THERE IF NEEDED SITUATION"!!!
    Not a problem at all. I as long as you do things correctly. Ie tune and keep the boost at a safe psi. And a few supporting mods, you will have a very fun daily driver.

    Forced induction is the best bang for the buck at this elevation.

    Where abouts in Colorado are you?
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    I ran a P1SC-1 on my completely stock LS1 for about two years on the same belt with no problems. The only change was to 38lb injectors, long tube headers, high flow cats and a good conservative 7lb boost tune. With a 3:42 rear end and Yank 2800 stall it dynod at 454/413. During those two years I used it as a daily driver and competed regularly on three drag strips and participated in 'Track Days' on two road courses and one NASCAR track. That was the old version of the P1SC with the small dual intercoolers. The new ones are much larger and much improved which many now feel are even better than a FMIC (front mount intercooler) because they don't block off air flow to the radiator which helps to avoid overheating problems.
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    thanks for the info

    Just a quick thanks for the info. I've got a basicly stock 02 SS, 6spd, SLP subframe connectors, MAF, Y-Pipe, 345hp package, Preditor tuner, that with Nito's and cool dry weather I used to run 12.70's ran 12.68 at Baytown. I've kinda gotten out of racing for the last couple of yrs(too much money, fun and time in Thailand). I am really missing the track and of course am looking for the "best bang for the buck". Looks like forced induction. I like the idea of when I can(well I do try) keep my foot off the floorboard the gas mileage doesn't suffer too much. I think a head/cam package would adversly affect mileage. Spraying with a 6spd is a receipe for disastor. I also like the idea that with the heat and humidity one would not loose as much et. Hot humid weather has always been a killer for my SS.

    Any ideas are welcome. Any good shops in SE Texas? I know some, but am always looking. I have never been a good mechanic(I always could and can still drive).I can do some of the simple stuff but feel much more comfortable with a good shop.

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