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Stupid turbo question

This is a discussion on Stupid turbo question within the Forced Induction forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; There has been alot of buz lately about the STS remote systems so I took a look back over on ...

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    Stupid turbo question

    There has been alot of buz lately about the STS remote systems so I took a look back over on thier site. I still have my doubts with the system compared to a p1sc on my lt1 which is on my things to do list... but i was curious.... with a remote mount (or any turbo for that matter) do you have to ditch your exhust? i LOVE the sound and look of my borla running wide open... would there be any way to keep it with a rear mount turbo? or does it mount to far back to be hooked up?

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    sorry man, with those sts systems your new turbo becomes your exhaust. With the Turbo back there is sounds sick!!!!! like a jet engine

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    yea doesnt sound like a muscle car anymore, and looks rediculous on a trans with 1 lil pipe in the back where there used to be 4 :'(

    guess turbos out then. i'll take the minor loss for the sound and looks retention

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    Is it minor? As I stated in a differant thread?

    Does anyone know? at 3,000 and 6,000 RPM:
    How much HP is wasted driving a SC and
    How much HP is lost due to back pressure on a turbo?

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    people have piped it out the back with small bullets before

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    Another question... where do thier corvette (dual exhust) setups mount?

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    hmm nevermind, they only have twin turbo setups duh.

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