Last week I posted that my STS kit was not making any boost:

Well, I figured out the problem..the intercooler. My car was making 4-5 lbs of boost at the intake, and 8-9 between the turbo and intercooler!!! I bypassed the intercooler, and now I am getting 9 lbs at the intake. At least now I know the problem!!

The bad news though, STS is dropping the ball to make this right. They have been very poor at returning calls and dealing with my problems. They also want me to either send them my intercooler and when they get it send me a new one (total waiting time 2+weeks) or pay them with a credit card, send me a new one, and issue a refund when they get the old one(should have taken a week). I have a lot $$$ money out and in their hands, and they are concerned about security!! The salesman even told me I should just run without the intercooler!!!!

I was supposed to hear from someone on Friday, so I could make arrangements to get this handled. I got no call and nothing was done. If the intercooler was shipped out on Friday, it would take it one week to arrive at my door. giving me the weekend to get it installed. Now, at the earliest it will ship out on Monday (doubt it), I won't get it until next Monday, and won't have time to install it until the following weekend THANKS STS

I am sure I will hear (from STS) about how I got a great deal on the kit, but it was supposed to be a good functioning kit. A kit that has kept me down chasing my tail for a week, that will now turn into 3 weeks of down time is no deal.