Alright, I'm looking to build a 10 sec car. Since Me and my wife luckily inheritted some $ I thought it'd be time to get the t a back in commission. Anyway, I currently have a gm ls6 crate engine internal modseverything else gm)
Raptor cam, dual springs titanium retainers, and harden pushrods.
Bolt ons:
Ls6 manifold, bbk tb, Lt, full exhaust no cats, lid, and no emissions think thats it.
Tranny is built and stalled to 3600

Im leaving suspension out, bc I've got a setup in mind.
The problem I have with this setup is1 of the retainers and spring gave. And haven't taken a head off yet u so not sure if pistons cracked. So pretty much I'm trying to build a very reliable fast setup. Should I get a 408, 418, etc or do I stay with the ls6 setup and do some interal work and a blower? If I were to go with a diff block it'd be built to put down 500 rwhp n/a and eventually blow or spray it.What would be a very reliable 10 sec daily driven setup? Any input would be highly appreciated.

And will the 4l60e tranny still bolt to a ls3 blocks,