Hi folks,

I'm about to buy myself a car for work, I'm in Australia so looking at the Holden SS utility (2003/2004 model)
I want to have some fun so I'm looking at buying correct supercharger & fitting myself (make my own custom kit).

I need to gather info on what parts exactly to buy! I have only ever modified subarus (rice) so I'm not familiar with brand names..etc

I'm looking for about 400rwhp with reliability & economy (atleast good on fuel when not on wot!!!)

I'd like to use an aftermarket camshaft too, helping it breath easier & sound better!

So based off my little story:

- which vortech blower should I choose ? I'm leaning towards the v-1 sci (it has straight cut gears & requires less boost to make power)
- where can I buy harmonic ballancer with pulley,belt & tensioner to suit ?
- will the stock injectors cope, who sells some that would suit ? (will install bigger fuel pump regardless),also would I need new fpr ?
- what spec camshaft should I use for fi & what other bits will I need for the upgrade (heard I'll need better pushrods & what not) ?
- would it be wise to upgrade oil pump & add an oil cooler, or not required at this level ?

There's obviously lots more involved buts that's the main stuff I'm unsure of, the Aussie dollar is doing well so it's time to buy some parts!

Will also mention, will have manual transmission & plan to keep bottom end stock (for a while)

Any help will be great!