I have an 04 Auto with a D1SC, Kooks 1 7/8's, No cats, Magnaflow catback, LPE 255, Motron 60's, fluid dampr, TR6's

I recently came across a set of Stg 1 PRC LS6(243) heads with Manley Valves and patriot Dual springs (good to 650 lift).

1. I want to know are those heads a worthwhile upgrade form my stock 241 heads?

2. I want a cam that will help with the blower, yet still have a noticeable cam lope (Love that muscle car sound) yet be "fairly" streetable with my A4.

3. What size stall would you recommend for this setup? I was looking at something in the 3200 range?

4. LVl2 or LV3 transmission? Car will see track duty on DR's or better once I get the setup together.

My plan is to forge the shortblock come tax time and keep around the same C.I., but lower the CR so that I can up the boost.

Thanks in advance and sorry if I confused you. BTW the car made 299/320 stock, 442/411 with D1, headers, stock catback on a rich tune and have not dynoed since tune with catback.