Has anyone put together a list of parts & prices for a REALLY cheap home built single turbo kit? This is what I have so far. Please don't waste time shooting holes in this but add cheaper parts if you know where to get them?

What I have so far is:

TO4 turbo with integral wastegate ($600)
24" x 12" x 4" Intercooler with 3" inlet and outlet ($200 Shipped)
oil feed line to turbo ($50)
oil return line from turbo ($45)
2x Manifold to turbo Custom Pipes ($200)
Custom Downpipe ($150)
intakehoses.com for the hoses from turbo -> IC -> Inlet. Could be as much as ($200.)
Air filter ($40)

total $1485 to get running on low boost with factory fuel. Hell it's good for a 100 shot dry why not 100 turbo.

8x Injector ($500)
1x Fuel Pump ($150)
1x HPTuners ($499)

$1255 for this fuel system.

or E85 or methanol injection for $200 & skip the injectors, fuel pump, HP tuners

1x HKS Blow off valve ($105 shipped) if needed.