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New front mount truck turbo-driving results

This is a discussion on New front mount truck turbo-driving results within the Forced Induction forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Hey guys, the first official truck with the new front mount turbo is on the road and hauling ass!! Just ...

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    New front mount truck turbo-driving results

    Hey guys, the first official truck with the new front mount turbo is on the road and hauling ass!!
    Just a quick recap, this is the new front mount turbo from Nelson Performance, built by Trick Terformance Products.
    The test truck is an '06 Sierra, ext cab, 5.3l, 4x4, with 33inch tires.
    This turbo setup is a daily driver's dream; as well as the racer! The truck is still very responsive and drives like a nicely tuned, stock truck, until you ease on the throttle. Then, boost is pretty much instant and the truck keeps pulling until the throttle is lifted.
    Speaking of boost, I'm sure most of you want to know how easy boost comes in? How does full boost at 2000rpms sound when climbing a hill in fourth gear. That's great for towing. Also, it will build 5psi with a stock converter in a 2wd while brake stalling it. There is really no need for a higher stall converter with this kit since boost is so easily produced. Yes, that's 5psi for a launch! Once the truck is launched, the tires will go up in smoke through first and second. Put the truck in 4wd, for those who have it, and it'll snap your neck back and take off.

    The turbo we chose was a 62-1 turbonectics with a .96 exhaust housing. This seems to work perfectly for a 5.3l, I'm sure it would be at home on a 4.8L. For those with a 6.0L, I think a T70 or T76 would be just right, we'll have one of those coming up in the next month or so.

    The intercooler is working great. It's full 3" in and out. The intake temps were about 1-5 degs higher than outside temps during city and highway driving. Under full boost, through 1-2-3 it was about 20-25degs higher, never going over 82degs during about 50deg weather.

    We'll post up some before and after track results and before and after dyno results next week. We're still proving the kit and fine tuning the truck before we put it on the dyno.

    I'll try to post a vid of the gauges showing 5psi while brake torquing it and a nice burn out.

    Here are some previous pics:
    Turbo charger kits

    Intercooler pre production kit:
    Intercooler kit, pre production

    Nelson Performance

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    sounds sick

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    passenger side header looks weird, but the kit sounds good, cant believe it reaches full boost at 2000rpm, anxiously awaiting dyno results

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