Greetings all,
Iím somewhat new to this forum but not new to forums in general. There is a ton of great info here and I have enjoyed being able to use this as a resource when trying to figure out a problem or just looking for information.
We are trying to gauge the amount of interest there might be in creating a cast aluminum lower intake manifold for LS7 heads mating up to the Kenne Bell 3.6LC supercharger.

One of our projects is to the stage where we need to choose how we will do this lower intake manifold (one-off in billet or sheet metal vs a high quality machine finished casting in quantity).
The design we have will be used on our LSX block with All-Pro LSW heads in our Trailblazer SS retaining the factory serpentine belt assembly and alignment. We have also established that it will be quite easy to make a second version suited to the Camaro serpentine alignment should someone want to run the 3.6LC with LS7 heads in this application.

Basically we are curious if there is enough interest or demand to warrant building this part. Pricing should be around $1000 US in short runs and if we have enough demand it could be possible to get the pricing down another 10% - 20% on the initial batch. Iím guessing this would be the one time we could get a volume discount based on quantity. The part will be made locally with stringent quality control checks. Nothing will ship unless it is 100% perfect and ready to bolt-on.

If you are seriously interested please let me know by responding in this thread and I can message you with the details when we have made a decision. Naturally we will update the thread as well. We are super busy right now trying to get projects completed and simply do not have the time to be online every day checking for questions so please have patience if we don't answer something right away OR message me for a faster response.
Please state whether you would be interested in a Trailblazer (truck) based application or the Camaro version.

Thanks for checking out our post and double thanks if you post your interest in this potential part.