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Intake turbo vs outake turbo

This is a discussion on Intake turbo vs outake turbo within the Forced Induction forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; im doing a 4.3 to 6.0 swap in the next weeks. I'll be putting in a monster tranny and im ...

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    im doing a 4.3 to 6.0 swap in the next weeks. I'll be putting in a monster tranny and im looking for a really good turbo what do you recomend? how much those it normaly run for parts and labor roughly.

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    i like turbonetics. they are really good to talk to and i love the product. as far as cost, when you go FI its never cheap

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    I don't know if anyone actually answered your question. Trubochargers work off exhaust gases of the motor and "blow" this air back into the motor by use of vanes and are overall more efficient. "Intake turbochargers" what most folks call "Blowers" or "Superchargers" work off intake air and producing additional "force" with vanes or screws to "blow" air into the motor by use of a belt or chain drive apparatus. Intake chargers (Blowers) tend to make power faster but less of it at per pound of positive PSI or what is commonly called "BOOST". Turbo chargers tend to take a bit longer to create power "BOOST" but will create much more per pound and create it longer at higher rpm's. Of course all this depends upon the set up you use but that in a nutshell is the difference. There are multiple supercharges, roots, screws and centrifigul superchargers. Turbos all work the same but can be placed in various positions like under the car, in the motor bay or in the rear, although this has not shown much advantage and actually is a bit of a power killer. Turbos generate a large amount of heat so the reason for the placement in some cases outside of the engine bay. Creating "boost" to a motor is something that must be carefully examined. A stock motor that has a higher compression ration will not tolerate a large amount of "boost". Many folks build a motor specifically for boost with a much lower compression ration and usually forged internal parts to withstand the greater pressures. Stock motors can only run on samll amouts of boost, such as six to eight pounds where "built" motors can tolerate twice that amount. I hope I have helped in answering your question.

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