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Home Brew STS

This is a discussion on Home Brew STS within the Forced Induction forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; no doubt youll be spankin lightnings and everything else for that matter. good luck. you could make some money if ...

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    no doubt youll be spankin lightnings and everything else for that matter. good luck. you could make some money if it dont take to long and works well! most of the turbos you see at the drags are all rigged up and they still fly. you sound like you know enough to make sure its gona look pimp.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Walking-Dead
    Man...remind me not to give post here anymore. I was friendly, nice and was not accusitory or belittling in anyway shape or form. You guys are chewing my ass off. Not only that I SINCERELY told him good luck in his efforts and I meant it. If he could make it work COOL!! Basically all I mentioned that people had tryed before and had problems making it work. Expensive problems. You think hes the first person to try this. Check a couple other web sites and do the research if I'm full of shit. Hell, ask Exoctic Performance Plus and see what he says or search his posts on other sites. It took him actually installing an STS to change his mind a bit. He used to preach about them being inferior and to use a traditional turbo system over them. By the way like I said in the beginning...MY BUDDY IS THE DEALER/INSTALLER...not me!! I have been researching STS since it was released and was the one who turned him on to them. I can give you his name if you want and he's the only authorized dealer in GA if you wanna contact STS and compare names. Oh, and I get absolutely NOTHING from him if I refered anyone to him except to watch/help the install and ride in the car after if I have time. You act like I was crapping all over stated I am a fan of the STS kit and have been for years. I wondered why everyone abandoned and went I know why.
    It's what you get for telling that guy he's not capable of doing his own mod. This is a mod forum - what did you think would happen?

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