Hi Guys, Here's a new pic of the complete APS intercooled twin turbo system components to suit the C6 Corvette, the only parts missing from the pic are the heat shields for the cast ductile iron turbo exhaust manifolds, they will be added in the near future.

The twin turbo system is complete with twin air to air bar and plate intercoolers, APS/Garrett GT3076R water cooled dual ball bearing turbos, 304 polished stainless steel exhaust components to connect up to the stock C6 exhaust system and a fuel system to support up to 650 whp (dyno jet power figures).

The base APS twin turbo system will yeild around 590 - 600 whp on 93 octane fuel with the stock exhaust, this I'm sure will be more than enough mumbo for most guys (should be capable of low 10's around 140 MPH in the hands of a racer on drag radials).

I've been greatly impressed with the overall flexibility and the fuel economy of the twin turbo LS2 engine in slow bumper to bumper traffic conditions, a real drive joy to drive in any conditions.

An APS stage 2 system will be available in the future for the guys who want to push the power limits of the LS2 power plant even further. A built forged engine with good heads and a bigger cam is recommended for higher than 650 whp as I'm sure you guys already know.

The release date of the intercooled twin turbo system is still on schedule for mid April 06 if all goes to plan, if you have any questions regarding the APS twin turbo system feel welcome to ask away, all good.