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blower cams?

This is a discussion on blower cams? within the Forced Induction forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Well it looks like the whole head and cam issue with me just wont do. Im thinking a supercharger is ...

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    blower cams?

    Well it looks like the whole head and cam issue with me just wont do. Im thinking a supercharger is the best way to make additional power without making my car a TRACK car. I was thinking procharger and besides all of the forged internals, what kind of heads and other goodies would be best for forced induction, and a cam so i can maximize my boost and HP but at the same time keep the car reliable. I plan on buying a 12 bolt very soon and a built transmission in the next few months so naturally the motor will be last so i can enjoy all the power ill be making

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    317 heads are good for boost and cams are dime a dozen out there. You pretty much want to look for a cam the has more exhaust duration than intake. The lift doesn't need to be extremely high either. As a general rule of thumb you shouldn't go with an LSA smaller than 114. Not to say that some with the 112 LSA cams haven't worked its just a general rule of thumb to stick by. The stock LS6 ZO-6 cam works well for DD's. I like to stick to a smaller cam with boosted applications. I would say something around 224/228 Lift .580/580 on a 114 LSA or a 220/230 Lift .597/607 LSA 115 +2 would be fine but that is going to be up to what heads you use and future plans as well.
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    I agree stick with a small cam. Speed inc's SC1 cam or a LPE cam would do. I am changing mine as we speak to a smaller cam.
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