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blow thru LS turbo

This is a discussion on blow thru LS turbo within the Forced Induction forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; is anyone running a blow thru turbo setup? i have a 5.3, i am gonna slap a turbo on it ...

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    blow thru LS turbo

    is anyone running a blow thru turbo setup? i have a 5.3, i am gonna slap a turbo on it but dont know if i should stick w/ EFI or carb. if anyone of is running a blow thru carb setup let me know hows it goin & how u like it.


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    I would do a blow through carb for the easy and cheap street. I've seen people struggle and end up buying a motec or big stuff EFI system.

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    i thought efi and boost were the only way to go since the t-types and grand nationals went efi in 84. prior to that they were still turbod 6 but with a carb that picked up like 20 hp over the stock 3.8. when they went efi it was a huge jump in power. pretty much a big enough jump after efi and intercooler that they beat out the similar year vettes in power and straight line performance in 86(i think) and 87(for sure). didnt know a lot of people built carbed turbo set ups.

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    Most people build turbocharged engines with EFI for purposes of easy tunability. There is a lot going on with turbos and the EFI makes organizing everything ridiculously easier. There are a bunch of guys out there running turbochargers into blow-through carbs and making big power, so if you do your research you should be just fine. I honestly believe that you would be better off tracking down people who have these cars and picking their brains than asking on here, due to the EFI-oriented nature of the forced induction on this forum. Talk to some carb manufacturers and tuners and you should be fine.

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