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anyone interested in a single turbo underhood kit?

This is a discussion on anyone interested in a single turbo underhood kit? within the Forced Induction forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; I don't know if he even wants to attempt it anymore for whatever reason. I don't know if it was ...

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    I don't know if he even wants to attempt it anymore for whatever reason. I don't know if it was realistic to begin with, I would have given him a chance, but his exposure from the other site seemed to put a major damper on things, he hasn't even posted in a long time..............

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    if i had all you jackass's harping on me i definately wouldnt sell you a kit for half of what most offer it for

    i do however think it is a bit optimistic to expect 575hp @ 8psi with no intercooler

    with the 70 and an intercooler it would be a breeze... although you would still have to run more then 8lbs..

    another thing.. i hate when people say "the rods let go at 20psi" 20psi on a T3 .42/.48 is alot different then 20psi on a SC61 for example. power and detonation break engines....not boost

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    Quote Originally Posted by rwd_boostdscoobLS1
    with a 1.05 a/r?
    a turbo good for 680 hp for the base kit, and the upgrade with a turbo good for 900 hp?
    the upgraded kit will have an intercooler... the base kit will be available with an intercooler. but there is no need for an intercooler at 7 psi.. intercoolers are overrated for anything under 10 psi..
    yes you get colder air, but you also get lag, slower response, boost control issues...
    believe me i know all about intercoolers too so please dont try to lecture me on it..
    i had a stock 2.0 l subaru motor pushing 23 psi.. never skipped a beat.. read up on subaru blocks you'll see why thats amazing..
    considering rods are known to go at 20...
    its all in the tune, and for anything under 10 psi the 8-10 degrees warmer air will be worth it for the quickness and laglessness it will get..

    I am interested too but how can a system builder not know that 10 psi air will be 100 hotter than ambient. E85 may be the answer rather than an intercooler.

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    Anyone heard from him from the kits, I wanna know the outcome of the battle

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