hi!!! I just wanted share this slide show that i was working on of my boyfriend swapping out his sr20det engine in his 240sx with an LS1. i just cant express how proud i am of his work!! he has done all of the custom fabrication on his own!! and it is alot! the slide show is still a work in progress and are in no order..yet. i have to admit that it is alot to learn but i am trying really hard...all the pics that he takes he goes over with me and i take notes...lol lame i know but just trying to learn i did struggle a bit with the captions for the slide and was able to fill out a few, but he had to come to my rescue lol I have been trying really hard to learn everything that i can! i cant wait to see him drift in this! here is the slide...


also here is a link to his photobucket where u can see all of his cars and projects plus some drift comp pics... <3