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    Zex wet kit..will 100 shot work??

    Just purchased zex wet kit. Wanted to get installed before tune on Friday. I have tsp LT's slp ram air kit and put msd wires and NGK 55 plugs in...will they work for a 100 shot? Or should I lower it? Also I don't believe it has a purge the necessary or will it be ok? Thanks everyone.

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    you will need to switch to tr6 plugs....purge isn't required but it's a good option to have. It'll get n2o to the solenoid faster.

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    100 shot will be perfectly fine and pretty safe ASSUMING you have the plugs that orion mentioned and a tune or a way to control your timing.

    Is your car an automatic or manual...? If its a manual you really want to invest in some other hardware in case you miss a gear and send the pedal to the floor while spraying...

    Almost forgot...bottle warmer is a really good investment as well.
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    Ok thanks guys looks like ill need those plugs, sucks wish I knew before I put brand new t55s in lol. And I do have a bottle warmer already so were good there and my cars an auto so I don't have to worry about missing a gear lol

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    Enjoy the spray! keeps your mpg down over H/C.
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    Zex wet kit will 100 shot

    I was wondering what you people are running and what you have done to your cars like tune wise.

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