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What is the safest NITROUS kit for a 2004 C5 CORVETTE

This is a discussion on What is the safest NITROUS kit for a 2004 C5 CORVETTE within the Nitrous forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; If anyone is running a "WET or DRY" Nitrous kit on a 1997 - 2004 C5 CORVETTE, can you please ...

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    What is the safest NITROUS kit for a 2004 C5 CORVETTE

    If anyone is running a "WET or DRY" Nitrous kit on a 1997 - 2004 C5 CORVETTE, can you please let me know how she runs with it and how hard is the install and if you have some pics of where you mounted your bottle would be great! I just want to have more facts before i buy something with this awesome HP add on. What are the CA. laws with having Nitrous?

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    i mounted my bottle down in the well in the back. nitrous is not illiegal in illinois i dont know about in ca the install took me about 8 hours but it is a sweet as install, everything is hidden except for the power ring.. i'm running a tnt wet kit i have a 3000 to 6000 window switch fuel pressure switch i have the machine gun purge kit with a red purge... looks fucking sweet. i dont knwo how the car runs with it yet as i went out today i did my burn out in 3rd gear.. i have an automatic..... i pulled up to the start lane and i downshifted to 2nd.... because i thought i was in drive.. and meant to put it in 3rd.... well anyways i launched in 2nd the car was sluggish as hell.. i noticed i was in 2nd.. upshifted to 3rd nitrous kicked in and the car screamed down the track, then i got a check engine light and the car is now missing really bad i think i fouled out some spark plugs..... therefore... with all the safety devices there are.. there is no SAFE nitrous kit.. but it makes them awesomly quick.. the car takes off like a rocket... anyways i still managed to pull a 12.3 at 115 with the nitrous and i had to let off because it ran like shit down the track... i'm only running a100 shot on it..

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    NOS 5117 kit(DRY) or NX wet kits seem to be the way to go. My A4 went 11.9@123 on some street tires w/ the 100 jets. Make sure you get your A/F looked at if your going over a 100 shot. Other than that you'll have years and years of fun as long as you get all the safety devices. Window switch, Fuel pressure safety switch, etc.

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