It is a 402 c.i. Ls1 stroker,designed by Wheel 2 wheel power train. It is a 6.0 liter iron, truck block. It has a Forged 4" nitrated Callies crank, Forged Howard's connecting rods, and Forged Mahle 12cc pistons W/dual valve reliefs. These are the "shorty pistons". It has a custom ground Competition Cams, camshaft in it with .598/.598 lift. Federal Mogul and Clevite bearings. The engine is topped off with Ported and Polished Heads. They have heavy duty valves for nitrous, and dual Bee hive springs. The compression is 11.2:1. They were built by wheel2wheel. 90mm F.A.S.T intake and throttle body. The engine has only had 400 break in miles on it and has not even had a tune yet. W2W says it is a 600 flywheel HP engine, that is capable of a 500 shot of Nitrous. (this is description given to me)

I don't want to run 500 shot, I was thinking more like 200-250 shot. The thing I want is a progressive, staged or whatever direct port set up with all the accessories supporting parts. I don't want a 200 hp shot to hit suddenly. This is not really a 1/4 mile car, I just want to play around on a long long stretch of road, like the Silver State Classic, standing mile runs etc.. Like I said I'm a noob to the N2O world so please no disparaging remarks.