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Need Fogger info

This is a discussion on Need Fogger info within the Nitrous forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Which N2O companys are selling the FAST intakes already plumbed for the fogger kit, and ready to bolt on? Thanx....

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    Need Fogger info

    Which N2O companys are selling the FAST intakes already plumbed for the fogger kit, and ready to bolt on? Thanx.

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    i want to say nitrous outlet or nitro dave's.

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    You might also try Harris Speed Works. A second suggestion would one of the direct-port setups from either NX or NOS. I chose the NX kit and the fuel injectors sit down inside the nozzle so there is no drilling, tapping, and orientating the fogger into the manifold. There is quite a good bit of extra cost involved but I figured it wouldn't be worth it to get it wrong and have to buy another top shell for my FAST 90mm intake. Also things are kind-of cramped under these hoods, as we all know, but I think the packaging is somewhat cleaner with the nozzles. I have yet to find someone running the ZEX kit so that I can see if my theory holds water. I have pics of my setup on the FQuick site and MRR23 has posted pics of his setup also if seeing those help. Anyway it is just food for thought.

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