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My Nitrous Nozzle

This is a discussion on My Nitrous Nozzle within the Nitrous forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Sooooooo...I went to install my nozzle in my silicone coupling using the Nitrous Outlet adapter and discovered that it did ...

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    My Nitrous Nozzle

    Sooooooo...I went to install my nozzle in my silicone coupling using the Nitrous Outlet adapter and discovered that it did not allow the nozzle to go more than half an inch into the tubing. Since the nozzle sprays at a 90* angle, I was thinking that about half of the Nitrous/Fuel mixture would end up on the tubing, rather than in the intake. So, I did some thinking, some measuring, some cutting, some more measuring, some drilling, and finally some installing. This is the result:

    When I put the nozzle in the tubing, it was not very sturdy, and I think that if I when I went WOT, the incoming air would dislodge the nozzle and bad things would happen. My solution was to drill 4 holes in the tube and use them to attach fishing line to the nozzle in order to keep it mounted firmly and centered. I tested the line fitting before I siliconed the nozzle in...I think I will have to mount something to hold the upper radiator hose down half an inch, so the lines can fit comfortably, but I don't think it will be a problem.

    Oh, and the whole reason the nozzle is mounted where it is, is because I wanted the stealthiest setup possible...the tank is in the spare tire area, the buttons are in the ashtray, the electronics are in the console, the solenoids are under the cowl, the lines will be covered with wire loom, he nozzle is under the intake coupling, and the purge is on the nose, rather than the typical windshield cowl.

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    this is where mine is might help

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    Very innovative approach imo. Nice work!

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