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Lt1 nitrous help

This is a discussion on Lt1 nitrous help within the Nitrous forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Hello, i'm installing a zex nitrous dry kit on my car, I had the wet nos system but sold it ...

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    Lt1 nitrous help

    Hello, i'm installing a zex nitrous dry kit on my car, I had the wet nos system but sold it and had a shop install it, the question I have is where exactly should I mount the spray nozzle, it says after the maf sensor and before the throttle body and ideal should be 6-8 away I guess, the problem I have is there is only a rubber duct about 3.5 inches long between the maf and tb for a 97 ram air trans am if you need a look at this just look up an engine bay pic from a ram air trans am, the other question is I have a fuel pressure autometer guage for nitrous on my a pillar where exactly do I run a line from there and to where please. If anybody here has a 97 ram air trans am with nos please provide me with pics I would so much appreciate it and any help from anybody thank you very much everyone

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    well, if you shoot it after the MAF, and its a dry shot, how does the computer know to add more fuel?

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    A dry shot needs to be srayed before the maf so that the maf can sense the difference in temp. from the nitrous and tell the computer to add more fuel. A wet shot is sprayed after the maf but before the tb, and it sprays nitrous and fuel, (as compared to the dry shots straight nitrous) to compensate for the extra fuel needed.

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    Since its a '97 you could run the dry nozzle after the maf, but it would require you to use one of our Interface units to add the additional fuel. As suggested previously do not run the nitrous kit without the additional fuel. If you have any questions let me know. Thanks.


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