Okay guys, starting tonight and going until the 3rd we'll be giving you a choice from two options:

Option one is free ground shipping on any wet/dry nitrous kit or 90mm plate kit/conversion kit (can't do it on the 78mm plates, the pre sale has almost wiped us out of them).

Option two is for a free solenoid upgrade. Upgrade the Sudden Impact kit solenoids to the Brute Force bottom exit N2O & Fuel solenoids. This upgrade is good on any Sudden Impact nozzle or plate kit, except on the 78mm plates.

To take advantage of the free shipping: just enter freeshipping into the coupon code section at checkout

To take advantage of the free solenoid upgrade: just enter LS1.com into the customer notes section at checkout

Sorry guys, it's one or the other, can't do both lol!