ok, 1998 z28. stock block, boltons to include slp lid/lm2, and imn going to go nitrous.
ordered a dual nozzle dry kit and all accesories. heated breacket, purge, nos15982 window/rpm controller, and the lingenfelter lnc2000 timing controller. so... if you have done any installing of these items, now is your time to wow me with knowledge, tips, advice etc. will be starting with 50 shot, and hopefully end with successfully spraying a 100 shot in her. got the plugs 2 steps colder,. new plug wires, fpss, and more im forgetting.
car is mostly stock, drag radials, and i will be doing the install with a buddy, we are both good garage mechanics, but new to n20. so help help help fellow internet ls1 bros!